Avoid Fixed width Layout, Prefer em to px as Fallback #85

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Memchaser 0.2 uses:
toolbaritem style="min-width: 360px;"
iframe style="width: 360px;"

However, given that I have a smaller font size, this leaves a significant blank space to the left.
For other users, this may cause hidden overflow...

If you MUST force the width, try something like '22em;' instead, which will scale with font size.

Better yet, avoid a fixed width layout entirely!


We are still blocked on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=645506 for a real flexible solution. Until this has been solved I would happily take a fix for em, which should indeed make it better for different font sizes.


I don't think a fix for em would work. The widget width option currently only supports numbers and the px concatenation is built in:



David, do you mind filing a bug for it on Bugzilla or talk to Alex Pirot on IRC if something like that would be wanted in the Add-on SDK?


Sure, will do.


Bug is here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=737170

I also investigated if dynamic width layouts are possible. They are doable but it introduces an UX issue which is that widgets will move with the width change. The most elegant solution is to introduce a field in the preferences to change the width (which can be used in the configuration panel).


Thanks David for the investigation. I think it's enough to have the em support for now. Given the future plans of the SDK which will put the widgets in the navigation bar, gives a totally different behavior. I don't have the link to the UX mockups handy but there was a blog post about it recently if you are curious.


As long as we are blocked by an SDK bug we can't schedule it for one of our own releases. Removing it from 0.3 milestone.


Wontfix, isn't it?


Jepp, there are no hard-coded width anymore.

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