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Clean up codebase for style consistency #95

dglol opened this Issue · 2 comments

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The codebase is growing and it would definitely help to fix and enforce style consistency before it becomes a bigger problem. Opening a wiki for this type of stuff would be great too.

Main concerns:
1. Choose " over ' for javascript strings to make sure JSON is valid as well (
2. Single line if statements should have curly braces
3. Use obj[name] for property access and obj.functionName for function calls
4. Choose const over var when initializing modules using require
5. Anonymous functions (i.e functions without names) should have a space between function and the bracket
(e.g. function ()).
6. Functions for objects should be declared as follows: functionName: function objectName_functionName() { ... };

Feel free to make suggestions and comments. I'll try to keep this issue updated but we should really have a wiki for this.

Personal Suggestions:

Style-guide priority:
1. Memchaser established rules


Would be good to have on the FAQ page of the MemChaser project. I have only one note:

Whether it's a single or not, we should wrap everything in brackets. That applies to if conditions or loops.


I have made changes to the first two concerns.

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