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MIG command line

The MIG command line is a terminal-based client interface that provides fast interaction with the MIG API to launch actions and receive results. Its goal is to be simple and fast to use for basic investigations. Unlike the mig-console, it does not provide access to previous actions, search or investigators management.

To install the MIG command line, use go get This command will place a binary called mig under $GOPATH/bin/mig. On first run, it will invite you to create a configuration:

$ mig file -path /etc -name "^passwd$" -content "jvehent"
no configuration file found at /home/jvehent/.migrc
would you like to generate a new configuration file at /home/jvehent/.migrc? Y/n> Y
found key 'Julien Vehent (ulfr) <>' with fingerprint 'E60892BB9BD89A69F759A1A0A3D652173B763E8F'.
use this key? Y/n> Y
using key E60892BB9BD89A69F759A1A0A3D652173B763E8F
what is the location of the API? (ex: >
MIG client configuration generated at /home/jvehent/.migrc

1226 agents will be targeted. ctrl+c to cancel. launching in 5 4....

Subsequent runs of mig will read the configuration from $HOME/.migrc directly.

For more examples on how to use the mig command line, see the cheatsheet.