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MIG Data

1   Postgresql

1.1   Structure & Tables

The full database schema is available as a SQL file in src/mig/database/schema.sql.

The actions table contains the detail of each action ran by the MIG platform. Its structure contains the base action fields found in the json format of an action, plus a number of additional fields such as timestamps and counters.

The agents table contains the registrations of each agents known of the MIG platform.

The commands table contains each action sent to each agent.

investigators have a table that contains their public PGP key, and can be used when verifying signatures and generating ACLs.

The signatures table is a junction between an action and the investigators that signed the action.

2   Queries

MIG queries are stored separately from the rest of the source code. You can inspect and modify all queries directly in the Go files in src/mig/database.

2.1   Adding Investigators

In the future, this will probably be automated via the API. But for now, and until we have a strong authentication mechanism for API calls, it must be done manually in the database.

Adapt the query below to add a new investigator.

INSERT INTO investigators (name, pgpfingerprint)
VALUES ('Bob Kelso', 'E608......');

2.2   Finding offline agents

The following query retrieves a list of agents that have been online over the last 30 days, but have not sent a heartbeat in the last 5 minutes.

WHERE name IN (
        SELECT DISTINCT(name) FROM agents
        WHERE heartbeattime >= NOW() - interval '30 days'
) AND name NOT IN (
        SELECT DISTINCT(name) FROM agents
        WHERE heartbeattime >= NOW() - interval '5 minutes'
) ORDER BY name;

2.3   Finding double agents

Sometimes during upgrades the older agent isn't shut down. You can find these endpoints with double agents in the database because each agent sends separate heartbeats for the same endpoint:

SELECT COUNT(queueloc), queueloc FROM agents
WHERE heartbeattime >= NOW() - INTERVAL '10 minutes'
GROUP BY queueloc HAVING COUNT(queueloc) > 1
ORDER BY count(queueloc) DESC;

This query will list all the agents sorted by the count of agents heartbeatting on each endpoint:

| count  |             name
| 3      |
| 2      |
| 2      |
| 2      |

3   Scheduler Spool

MIG data is stored both on the file system of the scheduler, and in the database. On the scheduler, each action and command are stored individually in a text file in /var/cache/mig (by default).

       $ tree -d /var/cache/mig/
       ├── action
       │   ├── done
       │   ├── inflight
       │   ├── invalid
       │   └── new
       └── command
               ├── done
               ├── inflight
               ├── ready
               └── returned

       10 directories

2      |