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set up data in each testjs run, to ensure clean test state

and also fix initial setup, as was so far called before any of
the dependencies were installed, and thus failed
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1 parent 0476378 commit 2b29651b2348d7bb042f26347c8b52d754a49165 @hannosch hannosch committed Feb 19, 2013
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@@ -27,20 +27,20 @@ test: build
$(BIN)/nosetests -s -d -v --with-coverage --cover-package monolith monolith
testjs: build
+ rm -rf elasticsearch/data/monotest/
elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch -p
bin/pserve --pid-file --daemon monolith/tests/monolith.ini
sleep 5
+ $(BIN)/python tools/ 9998
-testacular start --single-run
kill `cat`
kill `cat`
- rm
+ rm -f
+ rm -f
curl -C - --progress-bar$(ES_VERSION).tar.gz | tar -zx
mv elasticsearch-$(ES_VERSION) elasticsearch
chmod a+x elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch
mv elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml elasticsearch/config/
cp elasticsearch.yml elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml
- elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch -p; sleep 5
- $(BIN)/python tools/ 9998
- kill `cat`

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