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A blank template for Open Web Apps
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A Blank Template for Open Web Apps

This is a minimal template that has a little HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to help you start writing an Open Web App.

This is part of the mortar template collection for building Open Web Apps.


git clone git:// myapp

Readme template

To help others get a good overview of your app, you can use the example below as a template for your actual

My Sample App

What it is

Enter a short description about what your app does.

How to install

For example:

git clone git:// myapp

Open myapp/index.html into your browser.

The above example assumes you are using Github for your app's repository. If you are not, provide alternative instructions here.

Running Tests

If you have tests for your app, provide instructions here.

Help and support

Provide contact information or links to where users can submit issues and/or feature requests here.


Enter your license information here or provide a link.

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