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A template with a tabbed layout

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A Tab View Template for Open Web Apps (beta)

This template comes with a new layouts library that lets you create apps quickly, and initial HTML and javascript that defines a list/detail application.

It is part of the mortar template collection for building Open Web Apps.

The layouts library is called mortar-layouts, and you can read more about it in the project page. It uses backbone.js to provide a powerful yet minimal application UI framework.

Check out what the template is by default.


There are a few ways to get this template:

  • git clone git:// myapp
  • volo create myapp mozilla/mortar-tab-view

If you have node installed, you can run a development server with volo:

  • cd myapp
  • volo serve

View the tab view app at http://localhost:8008/.


You'll probably want to change how this template works to build your app. The meat of this template is in the mortar-layouts library, which this uses to construct a UI powered by backbone.js. You should read the documentation in the mortar-layouts project.

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