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A collection of templates to kickstart app development

This is a meta-repo that tracks all the templates that Mozilla is offering for Open Web Apps.

The best and "more finished" templates are:

These following are in various states of code quality and simplicity. They need to be simplified and/or code reviewed to ensure they are as good as the previously mentioned templates:

  • mortar-app-stub: a blank template for a hosted app that comes only with the basic things required to get started in app making.
  • mortar-game-stub: a minimal web game template that handles input and a render loop.
  • mortar-list-detail: comes with a layouts library and sets up a list-detail layout for you.
  • mortar-tab-view: a template with a tabbed layout.

And finally...

  • mortar-template-template, a template for building other templates. You probably don't need this one, unless you want to contribute with a brand new template and don't want to start from scratch.

You can view more documentation here.

If you want to help or get involved with the template updating, feel free to have a look at this bug that tracks required work and dependencies. Ask us any questions in #apps or #devtools on irc.mozilla.org!


To get all the templates at the same time, just clone this repository:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/mozilla/mortar.git

Of course, you can also separately clone the templates you're interested in.

Check out the README.md file of each template for its usage instructions.