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Default properties are set in '', and these can be overridden for an individual machine by providing a '.properties' file. Any properties in this file will override the default. To find out your hostname run 'ant debug' from the 'moz-grid-config' directory and look for the value of 'env.HOSTNAME'. For example: '[echoproperties] env.HOSTNAME=LokiMac.local' shows a hostname of 'LokiMac.local' so the properties file would be ''.

The hub configuration is stored in 'hub_configuration.json'.

Node capabilities and additional configuration is stored in 'mac.json', 'winvista.json', and 'win7.json'.


Below are the properties that can be configured:

  • selenium.version - The version number of Selenium to use.
  • - The host that the hub is running on.
  • hub.port - The port that the hub is running on.
  • node.configuration - Configuration file for the Selenium node, including browser capabilities.

Specifying properties on the command line

You can override any of the properties from '' or '.properties' on the command line by passing them in the format '-D='. For example, to specify a custom node configuration file you would use ant launch-node -Dnode.configuration=nodeConfig.json