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Base utilties for mozilla test harnesses

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This is the git repository for the Mozilla mozbase suite of python utilities.

MozBase is composed of several python packages. These packages work
together to form the basis of a test harness.

* Firefox is launched via [mozrunner](
** which sets up a profile with preferences and extensions using
   [mozprofile ](
** and runs the application under test using [mozprocess](
* [mozInstall]( is used to install the test application
* A test harness may direct Firefox to load web pages. These may be
  served using [mozhttpd]( for testing
* The machine environment is introspected by [mozinfo](
* A test manifest may be read to determine the tests to be run. These
  manifests are processed by [ManifestDestiny](
* For mozbile testing, the test runner communicates to the test agent
  using [mozdevice](
  (Note that the canonical location of mozdevice is

Learn more about mozbase here:

Bugs live at and

To file a bug, go to
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