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don't require Windows daily builds to have '.installer' in their names #49

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@whimboo: This is the separate pull request that reverts a change you made in pull 31 that broke downloading of Windows B2G builds, which don't have an installer variant.

See for example this directory containing the most recent Windows build:

Presumably you made the change for a reason, though, and I don't want to break that other use case! Perhaps you can elaborate, and then we can figure out how to keep both working?


We cannot revert this change because we would download the stub installer instead. To fix that we might need code which will fix #29 at the same time.


@mykmelez would you have the time to check the stub installer stuff? If not I will have to see when I can have a look at.


This looks pretty much like the issue we're trying to fix in #104 ( #113 )


can we close this and refer it to the aforementioned issue?


Would make sense, yes.

@whimboo whimboo closed this
@mykmelez mykmelez deleted the mykmelez:installer-in-name branch
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@@ -287,8 +287,8 @@ def binary_regex(self):
'linux64': r'\.%(EXT)s$',
'mac': r'\.%(EXT)s$',
'mac64': r'\.%(EXT)s$',
- 'win32': r'(\.installer)\.%(EXT)s$',
- 'win64': r'(\.installer)\.%(EXT)s$'}
+ 'win32': r'(\.installer)?\.%(EXT)s$',
+ 'win64': r'(\.installer)?\.%(EXT)s$'}
regex = regex_base_name + regex_suffix[self.platform]
return regex % {'APP': self.application,
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