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# CommandLineHandler.js
component {6d69c782-40a3-469b-8bfd-3ee366105a4a} CommandLineHandler.js
contract;1 {6d69c782-40a3-469b-8bfd-3ee366105a4a}
category command-line-handler x-default;1
# ContentPermission.js
component {07ef5b2e-88fb-47bd-8cec-d3b0bef11ac4} ContentPermission.js
contract;1 {07ef5b2e-88fb-47bd-8cec-d3b0bef11ac4}
# ContentPolicy.js
# We used to use this component to heuristically determine which links to
# direct to the user's default browser, but we no longer use that heuristic.
# It will come in handy when we implement support for trusted apps, however,
# so we left it in (although it is disabled here).
# component {75acd178-3d5a-48a7-bd92-fba383520ae6} ContentPolicy.js
# contract;1 {75acd178-3d5a-48a7-bd92-fba383520ae6}
# category content-policy webapprt-content-policy;1
# DirectoryProvider.js
component {e1799fda-4b2f-4457-b671-e0641d95698d} DirectoryProvider.js
contract;1 {e1799fda-4b2f-4457-b671-e0641d95698d}
category xpcom-directory-providers webapprt-directory-provider;1
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