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Added tag RELEASE_BASE_20130103 for changeset d5935d0242bc. CLOSED TR…

…EE a=release DONTBUILD
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1 parent dd6634d commit 92dd3582804b3feb4b433ccf11cf8cd15b9453f7 akeybl committed Jan 3, 2013
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@@ -87,3 +87,4 @@ b6627f28b7ec17e1b46a594df0f780d3a40847e4 FIREFOX_AURORA_13_BASE
9697eadafa13b4e9233b39aaeecfeac79503cb54 FIREFOX_AURORA_16_BASE
6fdf9985acfe6f939da584b2559464ab22264fe7 FIREFOX_AURORA_16_BASE
fd72dbbd692012224145be1bf13df1d7675fd277 FIREFOX_AURORA_17_BASE
+d5935d0242bc6fc7d21eaa5cbf0f6183c5fe5ecb RELEASE_BASE_20130103

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