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This is a silly change, but to be consistent with Mozilla URL policy and general web etiquette, the language-locale currently /en/ should be changed to /en-US/

@tmeshkova tmeshkova referenced this pull request in tmeshkova/mozilla-central Jan 22, 2013

crash [@ nsIMEStateManager::DispatchCompositionEvent] #2

@ehsan ehsan closed this Mar 22, 2013
@frsela frsela pushed a commit to frsela/mozilla-central that referenced this pull request Jan 14, 2015
@dbaron dbaron Revert one of the assertion additions in Bug 1110277 patch 3 since it…
… fires, causing orange. r=orange

Example stack, from editor/libeditor/tests/browserscope/test_richtext2.html :

###!!! ASSERTION: should only call on first continuation/ib-sibling: 'nsLayoutUtils::IsFirstContinuationOrIBSplitSibling(this)', file /builds/slave/m-in-l64-d-0000000000000000000/build/src/layout/base/../generic/nsIFrame.h, line 875
#01: AdjustAppendParentForAfterContent [layout/base/nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp:6059]
#2: nsCSSFrameConstructor::ContentAppended(nsIContent*, nsIContent*, bool) [layout/base/nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp:7155]
#3: PresShell::ContentAppended(nsIDocument*, nsIContent*, nsIContent*, int) [layout/base/nsPresShell.cpp:4520]
#4: nsNodeUtils::ContentAppended(nsIContent*, nsIContent*, int) [dom/base/nsNodeUtils.cpp:132]
#5: nsINode::doInsertChildAt(nsIContent*, unsigned int, bool, nsAttrAndChildArray&) [dom/base/nsINode.cpp:1544]
#6: nsINode::ReplaceOrInsertBefore(bool, nsINode*, nsINode*, mozilla::ErrorResult&) [dom/base/nsINode.cpp:2209]
#7: mozilla::dom::NodeBinding::appendChild [obj-firefox/dom/bindings/NodeBinding.cpp:600]
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