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Merging up from dev to stage #125

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Commits on Jan 18, 2013
  1. @rossbruniges

    fix #123 - fixing edit entry url - returning a reference to the submi…

    rossbruniges authored
    …ssion_parent opposed to the old submission URL
  2. @rossbruniges

    Merge pull request #124 from rossbruniges/dev

    rossbruniges authored
    fix #123 - fixing edit entry url
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  1. +8 −3 apps/challenges/
11 apps/challenges/
@@ -413,15 +413,20 @@ def phase_slug(self):
return 'apps'
def get_absolute_url(self):
- """Return this submission's URL."""
+ """
+ Return this submission's URL
+ """
if self.parent_slug and self.phase_slug:
return self._lookup_url('entry_show', {'entry_id': self.parent_slug,
'phase': self.phase_slug})
return u''
def get_edit_url(self):
- """Return the URL to edit this submission."""
- return self._lookup_url('entry_edit', {'pk':,
+ """
+ Return the URL to edit this submission, we need to use the submission
+ parent as that is what holds the key of which submission to edit
+ """
+ return self._lookup_url('entry_edit', {'pk': self.parent_slug,
'phase': self.phase_slug})
def get_delete_url(self):
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