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Get Involved with OpenNews

Leading programming training with Code with me (photo/Pete Karl II)

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OpenNews is about growing the community around open source code in journalism. No matter how you got interested in jouralism code, we're here to help you connect, build, and lead that community. Join us.


Are you just starting out in the journalism code community? Still trying to figure out what this is all about? We have plenty of ways for you to learn more--and get connected with--OpenNews and the work of the journalism code community around the world.

  • Check out Source: learn about new projects, dive into in-depth case studies, or find a journalism code project to fork on GitHub.
  • Join in a call: we hold a community call every other Wednesday at 11am EST where journalism coders discuss projects, event organizers reportback on their hack days, and the Knight-Mozilla Fellows detail their adventures.
  • Participate in a hack day: we support hack events all over the world and there may be one happening near you soon.
  • Follow us on Twitter: ask questions, find out what we're up to, and let us know what you're doing.


If you're already excited about open data and journalism development, now's the time to increase your involvement in this amazing, inviting community. How?

  • Host a hack day: we're looking for partners to host local hack days. Organizing an event is a great way to deepen your involvement with your local community, and when you share back what you've learned and built at your hack day, you help improve hack days for the entire journalism code community.
  • Write for Source: you're already involved in journalism development, so tell the rest of the community what you've created. We're here to help you document and share that work.
  • Make that idea a reality: do you have a small project you've been meaning to finish? An idea from a hack day that needs a little extra attention to get to beta? Apply for a Code Sprint grant to help push that project over the finish line.


As this community continues to grow, we're here to support you in becoming a leader not only within a news organization, but in this international community.

  • Write for Source Learning: experienced journalism developers share their expertise via in-depth case studies in Source Learning, and we'd love to share your projects with Source's tens of thousands of readers.
  • Present at international events: share the wealth of your knowledge at events like the Mozilla Festival in London, the Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media Party, or the first OpenNews Source Conference coming up in 2014.
  • Become a Fellow: Knight-Mozilla Fellows are paid to spend 10 months working with a fantastic news organization and traveling to learn from and collaborate with news nerds around the world. We'll start looking for our 2015 fellows next summer.
  • Join a newsroom: news organizations need skilled developers and data wranglers to do journalism development full time.
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