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Mozilla presentation templates

This is the repository with Mozilla styled presentation templates in PPT, Keynote and HTML format.

There is a screencast showing how to use the Mozilla Evangelism Reps HTML5 slidedeck on YouTube:

Changes in this version:

  • Firefox OS pick and mix overview deck (firefox-os-pick-and-mix.html)
  • Fullscreen button (as requested by Stormy Peters)
  • Overall cleanup of the CSS (different list styles, live CSS code)
  • Pressing "N" in fullscreen mode toggles note display
  • In list mode, each slide has a "x" button to turn it on and off. This does not persist though, so when you reload your slides, it will make them all active again (TODO I guess)
  • Support for multilingual slides, with URLs that update. Toggle the menu option to get the text in your desired language. (only in HTML5 slidedeck)

Next steps:

  • Persist Toggle slides feature