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A library for creating full representations of Mozilla telemetry pings.
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Mozilla Schema Generator

A library for generating full representations of Mozilla telemetry pings.

See Mozilla Pipeline Schemas for the more generic structure of pings. This library takes those generic structures and fills in all of the probes we expect to see in the appropriate places.

Telemetry Integration

There are two pings we are targeting for integration with this library:

  1. The Main Ping is the historical Firefox Desktop ping, and contains many more than ten-thousand total pieces of data.
  2. The Glean Ping is the new ping-type being created for more generic data collection.

This library takes the information for what should be in those pings from the Probe Info Service.

Data Store Integration

The primary use of the schemas is for integration with the Schema Transpiler. The schemas that this repository generates can be transpiled into Avro and Bigquery. They define the schema of the Avro and BigQuery tables that the BQ Sink writes to.

BigQuery Limitations and Splitting

BigQuery has a hard limit of ten thousand columns on any single table. This library can take that limitation into account by splitting schemas into multiple tables. Each table has some common information that are duplicated in every table, and then a set of fields that are unique to that table. The join of these tables gives the full set of fields available from the ping.

To decide on a table split, we include the table_group configuration in the configuration file. For example, payload/histograms has table_group: histograms; this indicates that there will be a table outputted with just histograms.

Currently, generates tables for:

  • Histograms
  • Keyed Histograms
  • Scalars
  • Keyed Scalars
  • Everything else

If a single table expands beyond 9000 columns, we move the new fields to the next table. For example, main_histograms_1 and main_histograms_2.

Note: Tables are only split if the --split parameter is provided.


A secondary use-case of these schemas is for validation. The schemas produced are guaranteed to be more correct, since they include explicit definitions of every metric and probe.


Main Ping

Generate the Full Main Ping schema:

mozilla-schema-generator generate-main-ping

Generate the Main Ping schema divided among tables (for BigQuery):

mozilla-schema-generator generate-main-ping --split --out-dir main-ping

To see a full list of options, run mozilla-schema-generator generate-main-ping --help.


Generate all Glean ping schemas - one for each application, for each ping that application sends:

mozilla-schema-generator generate-glean-ping

Write schemas to a directory:

mozilla-schema-generator generate-main-ping --out-dir main-ping

To see a full list of options, run mozilla-schema-generator generate-glean-ping --help.

Configuration Files

Configuration files are default found in /config. You can also specify your own when running the generator.

Configuration files match certain parts of a ping to certain types of probes or metrics. The nesting of the config file matches the ping it is filling in. For example, Glean stores probe types under the metrics key, so the nesting looks like this:

    "metrics": {
        "string": {
            <METRIC_ID>: {...}

While the generic schema doesn't include information about the specific <METRIC_ID>s being included, the schema-generator does. To include the correct metrics that we would find in that section of the ping, we would organize the config.yaml file like this:

            type: string

The match key indicates that we should fill-in this section of the ping schema with metrics, and the type: string makes sure we only put string metrics in there. You can do an exact match on any field available in the ping info from the probe-info-service, which also contains the Desktop probes.

There are a few additional keywords allowable under any field:

  • contains - e.g. process: contains: main, indicates that the process field is an array and it should only match those that include the entry main.
  • not - e.g. send_in_pings: not: glean_ping_info, indicates that we should match any field for send_in_pings except glean_ping_info.

table_group Key

This specific field is for indicating which table group that section of the ping should be included in when splitting the schema. Currently we do not split the Glean ping, only the Main. See the section on BigQuery Limitations and Splitting for more info.

Development and Testing

Install requirements:

make install-requirements

Run tests:

make test
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