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import hashlib
import os
import sys
from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from django.core.exceptions import ObjectDoesNotExist
import commonware.log
import cronjobs
from celery.task.sets import TaskSet
from celeryutils import chunked
import larper
from users.models import UserProfile
log = commonware.log.getLogger('m.cron')
def create_missing_profiles():
"""Create missing profiles on dev/stage.
The dev/staging servers are missing certain User objects, likely because
of users created before our UserProfile signal receivers. This will
create them and prevent us from getting annoying tracebacks from tests.
users = User.objects.all()
for u in users:
except ObjectDoesNotExist:'Created profile for user with email %s' %
def create_missing_users():
"""Create missing users on dev/stage.
The dev/staging servers are missing certain User objects, likely because
of users created before our UserProfile signal receivers. This will
create them and prevent us from getting annoying tracebacks from tests.
Note that this needs to be run with the LDAP limit (temporarily) disabled.
users = larper._return_all()
users_created = []
for u in users:
email = u[1]['mail'][0]
if not User.objects.filter(email=email):
User.objects.create(username=email, email=email)
users_created.append(email)'Created user for LDAPer with email %s' % email)
except:'Could not create user for LDAPer with email %s'
% email)'Created %s users' % len(users_created))
def vouchify():
"""Synchronizes LDAP vouch info into database.
This queries LDAP for users who's corresponding ``UserProfile`` has
``is_vouched`` as ``False``. It then updates ``is_vouched`` and
``vouched_by`` with up-to-date data.
users = UserProfile.objects.filter(is_vouched=False)
for user in users:
person = user.get_ldap_person()
if person and 'mozilliansVouchedBy' in person[1]:
user.is_vouched = True
voucher = (person[1]['mozilliansVouchedBy'][0].split(',')[0]
by = larper.get_user_by_uid(voucher)
if by:
email = by[1]['mail'][0]
user.vouched_by = (User.objects.get(email=email)
except User.DoesNotExist:
log.warning('No matching user for %s' % email)
except UserProfile.DoesNotExist:
log.warning('No matching user_profile for %s' % email)'Data copied for %s' % user.user.username)
log.debug('%s is still unvouched... skipping' % user.user.username)
# TODO: Remove after we can safely say that LDAP is gone.
def fix_bad_ldap_vouch():
"""Synchronizes MySQL vouch data into broken LDAP accounts.
Just vouches them as ZUUL because the MySQL vouch data is good and what
we'll use going forward.
users = UserProfile.objects.filter(is_vouched=True)
for user in users:
person = user.get_ldap_person()
if person:
larper.record_vouch('ZUUL', person[1]['uniqueIdentifier'][0])
except TYPE_OR_VALUE_EXISTS:'User is already vouched; no big.')
def _populate_from_ldap(profile):
person = profile.get_ldap_person()
if not person:
log.warning('No ldap data for %d' % profile.user_id)
username = person[1]['uniqueIdentifier'][0]
bio = firstname = ircname = ''
photo = False
if 'description' in person[1]:
bio = person[1]['description'][0]
if 'jpegPhoto' in person[1]:
photo = person[1]['jpegPhoto'][0]
lastname = person[1]['sn'][0]
firstname = ''
if 'givenName' in person[1]:
firstname = person[1]['givenName'][0]
displayname = person[1]['displayName'][0]
service_data = larper.get_service_data(username)
if service_data:
ircname = service_data['irc://'].service_id
if photo:
# ensure the netapp storage exists
if not os.path.exists(settings.NETAPP_STORAGE):
log.error('Netapp storage not found at %s'
% settings.NETAPP_STORAGE)
# if userpic dir doesn't exist make it
if not os.path.exists(settings.USERPICS_PATH):
destination = os.path.join(settings.USERPICS_PATH, '%d.jpg' %
md5 = lambda x: hashlib.md5(x).hexdigest()
write_it = True
# see if file already exists for user
if os.path.exists(destination):
# if it does compare it
ldap_hash = md5(photo)
existing_hash = md5(open(destination).read())
if ldap_hash == existing_hash:
# if same log debug
log.debug('File already dumped for user: %d' %
write_it = False
# if different log warning and copy it
log.warning('Different file in place for user: %d' %
os.rename(destination, destination + '.' + existing_hash)
if write_it:
with open(destination, 'w') as f:
# append underscore's until we find something unique
while True:
if not User.objects.filter(username=username).count():
log.warning('duplicat username found: %s' % username)
username = username + '_'
user = profile.user
user.username = username
user.last_name = lastname
user.first_name = firstname = bio = bool(photo)
profile.display_name = displayname
profile.ircname = ircname
log.debug('u:%d saved' % profile.user_id)
def flee_ldap_noname():
"""Copies data from LDAP into UserProfile."""
users = User.objects.filter(last_name='')
print '%d profiles' % len(users)
for user in users:
print 'User: %d, %s' % (,
def flee_ldap_nodisplay():
"""Copies data from LDAP into UserProfile."""
profiles = UserProfile.objects.filter(display_name='')'%d profiles' % len(profiles))
for profile in profiles:'User: %d, %s' % (profile.user_id,
def flee_ldap():
"""Copies data from LDAP into UserProfile."""
profiles = UserProfile.objects.all()
for profile in profiles:
def index_all_profiles():
from elasticutils import tasks
ids = (UserProfile.objects.values_list('id', flat=True))
ts = [tasks.index_objects.subtask(args=[UserProfile, chunk])
for chunk in chunked(sorted(list(ids)), 150)]
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