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import hashlib
import re
import urllib
from django.conf import settings
from django.template import Context
from django.template.loader import get_template
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
import jinja2
from funfactory.utils import absolutify
from jingo import register
PARAGRAPH_RE = re.compile(r'(?:\r\n|\r|\n){2,}')
absolutify = register.function(absolutify)
def paragraphize(value):
return jinja2.Markup(
u'\n\n'.join(u'<p>%s</p>' % p.replace('\n', '<br>\n')
for p in PARAGRAPH_RE.split(jinja2.escape(value))))
def search_result(context, profile):
d = dict(context.items())
return d
def gravatar(email, default='%simg/unknown.png' % (settings.MEDIA_URL),
size=175, rating='pg'):
"""Return the Gravatar URL for an email address."""
return '' % (
urllib.urlencode({'d': absolutify(default),
's': str(size),
'r': rating}))
def bootstrap(element):
"""Renders bootstrap forms in jinja2.
Takes an element that is either a field or an entire form and
renders the appropriate bootstrap elements.
element_type = element.__class__.__name__.lower()
if element_type == 'boundfield':
template = get_template("bootstrapform/field.html")
context = Context({'field': element})
template = get_template("bootstrapform/form.html")
context = Context({'form': element})
return mark_safe(template.render(context))
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