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from django.core import mail
from import eq_
from pyquery import PyQuery as pq
from funfactory.urlresolvers import reverse
from phonebook.models import Invite
from phonebook.tests import LDAPTestCase
class InviteTest(LDAPTestCase):
def invite_someone(self):
This method will invite a user.
This will verify that an email with link has been sent.
# Send an invite.
url = reverse('invite')
d = dict(recipient='')
r =, d, follow=True)
eq_(r.status_code, 200)
assert (' has been invited to Mozillians.' in
pq(r.content)('div#main-content p').text())
# See that the email was sent.
eq_(len(mail.outbox), 1)
i = Invite.objects.get()
invite_url = i.get_url()
assert invite_url in mail.outbox[0].body, "No link in email."
return i
def get_register(self, invite):
r = self.client.get(invite.get_url())
doc = pq(r.content)
eq_(doc('input#id_email')[0].value, invite.recipient)
eq_(doc('input#id_code')[0].value, invite.code)
return r
def redeem_invite(self, invite, **kw):
"""Given an invite_url go to it and redeem an invite."""
# Now let's look at the register form.
d = kw
# Now let's register
return, d, follow=True)
def test_send_invite_flow(self):
Test the invitation flow.
Send an invite. See that email is sent.
See that link allows us to sign in and be auto-vouched.
Verify that we can't reuse the invite_url
invite = self.invite_someone()
r = self.get_register(invite)
d = r.context['form'].initial
r = self.redeem_invite(invite, **d)
eq_(r.context['user'].is_vouched(), True)
# Don't reuse codes.
r = self.redeem_invite(invite, email='')
eq_(r.context['user'].is_vouched(), False)
def test_unvouched_cant_invite(self):
Let's make sure the unvouched don't let in their friends...
Their stupid friends...
url = reverse('invite')
d = dict(recipient='')
r =, d, follow=True)
eq_(r.status_code, 403)
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