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import re
from os import listdir
from os.path import join, dirname
import test_utils
import manage
class MigrationTests(test_utils.TestCase):
"""Sanity checks for the SQL migration scripts."""
def _migrations_path():
"""Return the absolute path to the migration script folder."""
return manage.path('migrations')
def test_unique(self):
"""Assert that the numeric prefixes of the DB migrations are unique."""
leading_digits = re.compile(r'^\d+')
seen_numbers = set()
path = self._migrations_path()
for filename in listdir(path):
match = leading_digits.match(filename)
if match:
number =
if number in seen_numbers:'There is more than one migration #%s in %s.' %
(number, path))
def test_innodb_and_utf8(self):
"""Make sure each created table uses the InnoDB engine and UTF-8."""
# Heuristic: make sure there are at least as many "ENGINE=InnoDB"s as
# "CREATE TABLE"s. (There might be additional "InnoDB"s in ALTER TABLE
# statements, which are fine.)
path = self._migrations_path()
for filename in sorted(listdir(path)):
with open(join(path, filename)) as f:
contents =
creates = contents.count('CREATE TABLE')
engines = contents.count('ENGINE=InnoDB')
encodings = (contents.count('CHARSET=utf8') +
contents.count('CHARACTER SET utf8'))
assert engines >= creates, ("There weren't as many "
'occurrences of "ENGINE=InnoDB" as of "CREATE TABLE" in '
'migration %s.' % filename)
assert encodings >= creates, ("There weren't as many "
'UTF-8 declarations as "CREATE TABLE" occurrences in '
'migration %s.' % filename)
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