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[OBSOLETE] Mozmill CI system driven by Mozilla Pulse and Jenkins
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Mozmill CI

Build Status

With the Mozmill CI project the Firefox Automation team aims to keep running a continuous integration system for Mozmill tests written for Firefox. As core system Jenkins is used, and gets enhanced by adding configurations, plugins, and what-ever necessary.

Installation and startup

Mozmill CI can easily be set-up. Please consult our installation instructions for details.

Once done you can follow the instructions to start Jenkins and if necessary the build listeners.


In case you want to help us in further developing Mozmill CI, you might wanna be interested in the details for developers.


In case of problems running Mozmill-CI our Troubleshooting page gives necessary hints to get problems solved.

General information

For any other topic in how to work with Jenkins please have a look at our wiki. If you have questions please get in contact with us.

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