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Using the Jenkins master as executor
If you want that the master node also executes jobs you will have to update its labels and add/modify the appropriate platforms, e.g. 'master mac 10.7 64bit' for MacOS X 10.7.
+Running on-demand tests
+1. Navigate to your Jenkins instance: http://IP:8080
+2. Open the +admin tab and look for the 'trigger-ondemand' row
+3. Click the green arrow button, 'Schedule a Build'
+4. Upload your ondemand.cfg file (see examples in [./config/ondemand/](
+5. Click 'Back to Dashboard' link and open the @ondemand tab
+If you see an ondemand_* testrun in the middle is blinking and the nodes on the left are not 'idle', your testrun is executing. The results should appear in your dashboard when complete.

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