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Hardcoded fix to run endurance tests for en-US only (#209) #213

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Hard-coded fix for the moment.


I was asked via IRC to review this in Dave's absence. This patch looks good to me, feel free to land asap.

@whimboo whimboo closed this
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@@ -273,6 +273,11 @@ def on_build(self, data, message):
target_platform = self.get_platform_identifier(platform)
for testrun in target_branch['testruns']:
+ # TODO: Pretty bad hack, so make it configurable in the json config (#209)
+ # Do not run endurance tests for localized versions of Firefox
+ if testrun in ['endurance'] and locale != 'en-US':
+ continue
# Fire off a build for each supported platform
for node in target_branch['platforms'][target_platform]:
parameters = self.generate_job_parameters(testrun, node,
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