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Welcome to Mozmill CI

With this project the Firefox Automation team aims to keep running a continuous integration system for Mozmill tests written for Firefox. As core Jenkins is used and gets enhanced by adding configurations, plugins, and what-ever necessary.

What is the purpose of Mozmill CI?

Mozilla QA is in charge of testing upcoming Firefox releases, whether if those are final releases, beta releases, Aurora or Nightly builds. Given that due to the amount of tests for each of those builds this cannot be done manually, Mozmill CI helps in running all the tests fully automated. Therefore it makes use of the Mozilla Pulse message broker to identify when new builds are available for testing. Test results are getting sent to the appropriate dashboards.

Get Mozmill CI installed and running

You can run Mozmill CI on your own machine, whether if it is for testing purposes or for development. Please follow the installation instructions. Once the setup process has been done, you can finally start-up Mozmill CI.


If you are not satisfied with the default settings of Jenkins you can customize your installation.

How does our live system look like?

For testing all the Firefox builds by running the various test-runs as supported in mozmill-automation, two independent systems have been setup. One system is called staging and used for testing the newest features and bug fixes. Once it's proven that everything works as expected, the production instance is getting updated. If you want to know more about our setup, you should have a look at the environments page.


In case you are confronted with problems by running Mozmill CI please consult our troubleshooting page.

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