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Make the links to test modules from report view go to the specific line #12

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We don't want to do that for the file name but with a better parsing of the stack we should show a better stack trace with links to the specific lines.


Please tell me how to proceed in order to solve this bug?


Hi @ritwikmishra and thank you for your interest in this bug!

Here some information which will help you.

For example take the following report:

There is a single failure. When you click on the linkified test, you will be forwarded to the current state of the test. But it fails to add an anchor with the correct line. So currently you have to click on "show more", and find the line in the stack which includes the test name. In this case "testUninstallExtension.js:38:3". Here 38 would be the line to add as anchor:

When you click the linkified result id at the top of the dashboard report page, you will get to the bare JSON report.

Does that make sense to you? Let me know if you need something more.


We are going to desupport the dashboard in favor of treeherder. So closing out as wontfix.

@whimboo whimboo closed this
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