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tojon commented Jan 30, 2014

Pull request for review.

Henrik and I think this will successfully filter all esr24 runs; 24.0, 24.1, 24.2, etc. To be confirmed in sandbox. I've added a comment also, in case others later on are bumping the version numbers, and may think the .0 omission in the last element of the array is a mistake.

Adding @whimboo for visibility.


whimboo commented Feb 1, 2014

This PR is for issue #86.


whimboo commented Feb 1, 2014

Actually it's not that easy. After having a look at the code we create the whole db index with a branch identifier we get via the following regex from the application version:

var application_branch = doc.application_version.match(/(\d+.\d+).*/)[1];

Thta means we would create new branches now for each even minor release of Firefox 24. So we have to change how we retrieve the branch from the appliction version, which means we can only take the number before the first bullet point. That will end-up as 24 up to 29 for now, which indeed should be fine.

@tojonmz do you think that you will be able to do all that? I hope so and I would like to mentor you through the whole process. Please let me know.


tojon commented Feb 1, 2014

It depends on how urgent these changes are for the team. I have a couple of other commitments which are taking up my time outside of mozilla the coming weeks, so have less time to spend on moz stuff.

If this needs to be done within the esr24 life span, to have some benefit, I'd say best to give to someone else.

nb. I haven't had a chance to get back to sorting out my local couchdb to get a working local dashboard yet to test with, for this issue. Unrelated, I spent some of yesterday trying to figure out a mozlog versioning problem with the current mozmill_automation for issue I will try again to find people on IRC for that next week.


whimboo commented Feb 3, 2014

We will have to get this fixed soonish. So someone of us might have to take this then. Thanks for your feedback Jonathan!


tojon commented Feb 5, 2014

Ok yes, best someone else take it then. Thanks Henrik.


tojon commented Mar 11, 2014

Closing this pull request since someone else in SV or Moz is intending to take this issue, and will create their own.

@tojon tojon closed this Mar 11, 2014

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