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Python Mozmill is a test harness and an [event dispatcher](/en/Mozmill/EventHandlers).
Mozmill is built as an [extension](
which, paired with the
[jsbridge extension](,
can run JavaScript tests from the python harness.
# Components
The Mozmill python package is built from a number of python dependencies:
- [jsbridge](/en/Mozmill/jsbridge) : python to JavaScript bridge interface
- [mozrunner](/en/Mozrunner) : Reliable start/stop/configuration of Mozilla Applications (Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.)
- [mozinfo](/en/Mozinfo) : unified Mozilla interface to system information
- [manifestparser]( : parses test and addon manifests
# TestResults Class
[TestResults class](
is used to accumulate results from one or more `MozMill` test run.
The passing, failed, and skipped tests are recorded. `TestResults` is
an [event handler](/en/Mozmill/EventHandlers) that listens to the
`mozmill.endTest` event to accumulate results. Additionally, since
`TestResults` is persisted across test runs, it is the appropriate
place to handle the post-run `stop()` method of
[event handlers](EventHandlers). Call `TestResults.finish()` with the
handlers which have `stop()` methods following the run.
You may pass a `TestResults` instance to the `MozMill` constructor, or
`MozMill.__init__` will create one for you. The `TestResults`
instance is returned from ``.
# Command line arguments and inheritence
The mozmill command line controller,
inherits from [mozrunner.CLI](
which provides the appropriate slots for instantiating a `Runner`
object appropriate to the application under test (e.g. `FirefoxRunner`).
Additionally, `mozrunner.CLI` consumes and exposes the arguments from
[MozProfileCLI]( .
This architecture allows mozrunner and mozprofile to exist as
independent command line programs while making their breadth of options
available upstream to mozmill.
# Factory methods
In order to be usable as an API,
expose a class method, `create(...)`, which provides for the
instantiation of the corresponding object. Since `MozMill` requires
the runner to be passed in to its constructor (`__init__` function)
and the `Runner` requires the [profile](/en/Mozprofile) to be passed
in to its constructor, the `create()` factory methods enable the
construction of these objects in a cascading fashion with arbitrary
parameters without compromising the control flow or flexibility of the
API of the underlying objects.
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