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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, you can obtain one at
def init_jsobject(cls, bridge, name, value, description=None):
"""Initialize a JS object that is a subclassed base type.
cls -- Class the object has to be created from
bridge -- JSBridge instance to use
name -- Name of the JS object
value -- Value of the object wrapped as JS object
Keyword arguments:
description -- Additional information about the object
obj = cls(value)
obj._bridge_ = bridge
obj._name_ = name
obj._description_ = description
return obj
def create_jsobject(bridge, fullname, value=None, obj_type=None,
"""Create a single JSObject for named object on other side of the bridge.
This is a factory method which assists in creating a JS object by handling
various initialization cases for different JSObjects.
bridge -- JSBridge instance to use
fullname -- Full name of the object
Keyword arguments:
value -- Value of the object wrapped as JS object
obj_type -- Type of the JS object to create from
override_set -- Override the name of the object
description = bridge.describe(fullname)
obj_type = description['type']
value = description.get('data', None)
if value is True or value is False:
return value
if obj_type in js_type_cases:
cls, needs_init = js_type_cases[obj_type]
# Objects that requires initialization are base types
# that have "values".
if needs_init:
obj = init_jsobject(cls, bridge, fullname, value,
obj = cls(bridge, fullname, description=description,
return obj
# Something very bad happened, we don't have a representation
# for the given type.
raise TypeError("No JSObject for javascript type '%s'" % obj_type)
class JSObject(object):
"""Base javascript object representation."""
_loaded_ = False
def __init__(self, bridge, name, override_set=False, description=None):
self._bridge_ = bridge
if not override_set:
name = bridge.set(name)['data']
self._name_ = name
self._description_ = description
def __jsget__(self, name):
"""Abstraction for final step in get events __getitem__/__getattr__."""
result = create_jsobject(self._bridge_, name, override_set=True)
return result
def __attributes__(self):
"""Returns the attributes in the object."""
return self._bridge_.describe(self._name_)['attributes']
def __iter__(self):
for i in self.__attributes__():
yield getattr(self, i)
def __getattr__(self, name):
"""Get the object from jsbridge.
Handles lazy loading of all attributes of self.
if name == '_getAttributeNames':
# A little hack so that ipython returns all the names.
return self.__attributes__
if name in self.__attributes__():
return self.__jsget__(self._name_ + '["' + name + '"]')
raise AttributeError(name + " is undefined.")
__getitem__ = __getattr__
def __setattr__(self, name, value):
"""Set the given JSObject as an attribute of this JSObject.
Beside setting the attribute it also makes proper javascript
assignments on the other side of the bridge.
if name.startswith('_') and name.endswith('_'):
return object.__setattr__(self, name, value)
response = self._bridge_.setAttribute(self._name_, name, value)
object.__setattr__(self, name, create_jsobject(self._bridge_,
__setitem__ = __setattr__
class JSFunction(JSObject):
"""Javascript function represenation.
Returns a JSObject instance for the serialized js type with
name set to the full javascript call for this function.
def __init__(self, bridge, name, override_set=False, description=None):
self._bridge_ = bridge
self._name_ = name
self._description_ = description
def __call__(self, *args):
response = self._bridge_.execFunction(self._name_, args)
if response['data'] is not None:
return create_jsobject(self._bridge_, response['data'],
class JSString(JSObject, unicode):
"Javascript string representation."
__init__ = unicode.__init__
class JSInt(JSObject, int):
"""Javascript number representation for Python int."""
__init__ = int.__init__
class JSFloat(JSObject, float):
"""Javascript number representation for Python float."""
__init__ = float.__init__
class JSUndefined(JSObject):
"""Javascript undefined representation."""
__str__ = lambda self: "undefined"
def __cmp__(self, other):
if isinstance(other, JSUndefined):
return True
return False
__nonzero__ = lambda self: False
js_type_cases = {'function': (JSFunction, False,),
'object': (JSObject, False,),
'array': (JSObject, False,),
'string': (JSString, True,),
'number': (JSFloat, True,),
'undefined': (JSUndefined, False,),
'null': (JSObject, False,),
py_type_cases = {unicode: JSString,
str: JSString,
int: JSInt,
float: JSFloat,