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Schema Upgrade

You will need to create a new table for storing relay board information. Once the table is created, run to populate it.

CREATE TABLE relay_boards ( id integer unsigned not null primary key auto_increment, name varchar(32) not null, fqdn varchar(255) not null, imaging_server_id integer unsigned not null, foreign key (imaging_server_id) references imaging_servers(id) on delete restrict, state varchar(32) not null, state_counters text not null, state_timeout datetime, unique index name_idx (name), unique index fqdn_idx (fqdn), index imaging_server_id (imaging_server_id) );


Schema Upgrade

First, find the name of the foreign key relationship for devices.last_image_id, using show create table devices. In the example below, that's devices_ibfk_4, but may be different elsewhere.

alter table devices drop foreign key devices_ibfk_4;
alter table devices change column last_image_id image_id int(10) unsigned;
alter table devices add foreign key(image_id) references images(id);
alter table devices add column next_image_id int(10) unsigned;
alter table devices add foreign key(next_image_id) references images(id);
alter table devices add column next_boot_config text;
alter table device_requests add column imaging_result varchar(32);

You will want to move all free devices to the ready state, and set a timeout for ready devices. After shutting down the old version, execute:

update devices set state='ready', state_timeout=NOW() where state='free'
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