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Release 0.8.1
Patch release to fix an issue with the approx feature used with skip.

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Release 0.8.0
Some bug fixes and new features, among them:

- No more dialogs in the bisection
- Use by default approximated builds when possible

See the changelog post for details.

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Release 0.7.0
This release add two main features:

 - ability to run a single build
 - download next builds in background

And a few other fixes and improvements, see the release notes.

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Release 0.6.0
Include latest changes from mozregression core - the bisect flow is
changed and merge commits are detected and handled.

The wizard reflect the changes, it should be easier to use now.

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Minor release 0.5.0
Include a few bugfixes and the ability to choose a date range with a
release number or a buildid.

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patch release - reuse archive.m.o now that it is synced.

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bugfix release
Due to being broken, temporarily fallback

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bugfix release
 - binary is now 32bit compatible
 - Some bugfixes for fennec bisection
 - fixed issue that prevented the check for new available
   release to work

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The 0.4.0 GUI version.
Some bug fixes and great new stuff in there, including:

- automatic check for new available release
- dialog to choose the build to test after a skipped one
- crash dialog reporter

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