add moztrap markers where matching tests exist #69

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klrmn commented Sep 28, 2012

this pull is in support of pytest-moztrap integration

some statistics:

  • cases in moztrap: 109
  • cases automated: 17
  • automated cases in moztrap: 9
  • moztrap cases automated: 13 (1 duplicate case discovered)

It is my personal opinion that all automated cases should have moztrap cases created before merging this PR.

klrmn commented Sep 28, 2012

why would someone want tests to both be automated and be in moztrap?

  • so that moztrap can show the coverage report for the entire test effort
  • so moztrap coverage reports can show coverage holes if the jenkins job is somehow failing or disabled
  • so that manual testers can de-prioritize tests that are marked 'automated'
  • so that a test can have some environments can be tested using automation and others manually
  • so querying moztrap for cases not marked as automated can serve as a task list for automators
zacc commented Oct 3, 2012

Yeah we want this.. Who is the manual tester? Perhaps @rbillings is the most suitable person to review this. (technically it's low risk).


@klrmn can you fix the merge conflict

@rbillings can you take a look at this pull


The corresponding moztrap test doesn't have anything for filtering w/o a mouse- let me know and I can add it.


either that or i should take the marker off


I found & which match the functionality, but which are not currently in the Run Test group.


LGTM - comments in place for tests.

@bebef1987 bebef1987 commented on an outdated diff Oct 31, 2012
@@ -12,6 +13,8 @@
class TestRunTestsPage(BaseTest):
+ @pytest.mark.moztrap([205, 208])
bebef1987 Oct 31, 2012 Contributor

remove the new line


Merging in

@bebef1987 bebef1987 merged commit 960d8ca into mozilla:master Nov 1, 2012
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