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.. _Pivotal Tracker backlog:
+Updating this documentation
+MozTrap documentation is hosted on and is maintained in the
+MozTrap repo. So updating the docs involves forking the repo, changing the
+appropriate reStructuredText documents and submitting a pull request. Then
+the team will review them and merge them after any needed adjustments are made.
+So here are your steps:
+ #. fork the `MozTrap repo`_
+ #. make any changes in the ``/docs`` folder using `Sphinx and
+ reStructuredText`_ formatting
+ #. test that your changes are correctly formatted by installing the python
+ Sphinx package (in the repo's ``requirements.txt`` document) by typing
+ ``make html`` in that same ``/docs`` folder
+ #. load the file: ``/docs/_build/html/index.html`` into your browser
+ (it's `Firefox`_, right?) to test your changes
+ #. submit your pull request and it will be reviewed shortly
+ #. receive a big thanks for helping!!
+.. _MozTrap repo:
+.. _Sphinx and reStructuredText:
+.. _Firefox:
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