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@camd camd authored
37 docs/userguide/howto.rst
@@ -3,6 +3,10 @@
How To Do Some Common Tasks
+.. contents::
+ :depth: 1
+ :local:
Create a new Product Version for an existing Product
@@ -82,6 +86,36 @@ All test cases in 1.0 now have a 2.0 version. If a 2.0 version already existed
for a case, it will NOT replace it.
+Migrate a test run to a new Product Version
+You have an existing Product, Version 1.0 along with
+test cases, suites, runs, etc. You created version 2.0 of the product and
+want to run some of the same test runs against from 1.0 against 2.0. You
+will need to clone the 1.0 test runs to 2.0 and update them.
+ #. navigate to ``Manage | Runs``
+ #. find the test run you want to use in 2.0
+ #. click the clone button for that run
+ #. The new run will have the name "Cloned: foo" and be in DRAFT mode
+ #. edit the newly cloned run. **Note:** It must be in DRAFT mode to change
+ the product version field.
+ #. Update the name as you wish
+ #. change the Product Version field to the new version 2.0:
+ * |product_version|
+ #. save as status active, or...
+ #. activate the new run with the status drop-down.
+Now you will have a new run that applies to your new product version ``2.0``
+that is ready to be executed.
Get a link to a result of a test just after submitting it
@@ -106,3 +140,6 @@ that other users have submitted for the same case in that environment.
.. |case_result| image:: img/case_result.png
:height: 40px
+.. |product_version| image:: img/product_version.png
+ :height: 40px
BIN  docs/userguide/img/product_version.png
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