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@@ -79,4 +79,30 @@ Steps for solution 2
All test cases in 1.0 now have a 2.0 version. If a 2.0 version already existed
-for a case, it will NOT replace it.
+for a case, it will NOT replace it.
+Get a link to a result of a test just after submitting it
+You are executing a test run and find a bug. You want to submit the bug, and
+then provide a link to the result in your bug report. Or perhaps you just want
+to email that link to someone.
+Steps for solution 1
+ #. run the test run
+ #. mark the case with the result you found
+ #. If, for example, the case was marked "Failed," then click the red button that says:
+ * |case_result|
+You are taken to the result for that test case. You will also see any result
+that other users have submitted for the same case in that environment.
+.. |case_result| image:: img/case_result.png
+ :height: 40px
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