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MozTrap test case management system

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This is the MozTrap test case management system. It lives at


For more information about setting up, developing, and using MozTrap, see the documentation in the docs/ directory (or read it online).

To build and view an HTML version of the documentation:

$ cd docs
$ pip install sphinx
$ make html
$ firefox _build/html/index.html

Related repositories

There are Selenium tests for MozTrap in the moztrap-tests repository.

MozTrap's Python dependencies are available as sdist tarballs in the moztrap-reqs repository, and as an unpacked vendor library in the moztrap-vendor-lib repository. These are included as submodules of this repository, at requirements/dist and requirements/vendor respectively.

Live Site

you can see moztrap in action at

[]( Live site

[]( Stage site

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