Firefox Multi-Account Containers adds new features to Containers.
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Multi-Account Containers

The Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension lets you carve out a separate box for each of your online lives – no more opening a different browser just to check your work email! Learn More Here

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  • node 7+ (for jpm)
  • Firefox 57+


  1. npm install
  2. ./node_modules/.bin/web-ext run -s src/




Make the new version

  1. Bump the version number in package.json and manifest.json
  2. Commit the version number bump
  3. Create a git tag for the version: git tag <version>
  4. Push the tag up to GitHub: git push --tags

Publish to AMO

  1. npm run-script build
  2. Upload the .zip to AMO

Publish to GitHub

Finally, we also publish the release to GitHub for those followers.

  1. Download the signed .xpi from the addon versions page
  2. Make the new release on GitHub
    • Use the version number for "Tag version" and "Release title"
    • Release notes: copy the output of git log --no-merges --pretty=format:"%h %s" <previous-version>..<new-version>
    • Attach binaries: select the signed .xpi file


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