@groovecoder groovecoder released this Feb 22, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

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fd72ce1 Fix assignment test to check for the new openerTabId property
6e45532 Add tests for external webextensions feature
e015638 Adding an s://
ee64734 Bumping version to 6.0.0 to account for latest fixes
609f62a Allow webextensions with contextualIdentities permission to get assignment Closes #1095
ce84665 Add management permission to manifest.json Part of #1095
7dceaf6 Cancel requests with the same requestId Prevents potential redirects from opening two tabs Closes #1114
b6bcd99 Add test for issue #940
9bc9509 Added assignment feature test Part of #1107
a16cae0 Fix for siteSettings is null
30e5a27 Fixes #1084.
1e16e20 Fixes code markdown wrapping under Development in the README section
af986e8 Set the openerTabId to a tab that won't be removed/closed
7e04c46 Pass the openerTabId when automatically opening tabs in containers
166420d Ignore JetBrains IDE files
d7a2b43 Fix #1053.

@groovecoder groovecoder released this Jan 9, 2018 · 33 commits to master since this release

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0ddee7f id:@testpilot-containers to manifest.json; 5.0.1
bea201a update README & package.json to match web-ext flow
d944116 Move to a Web Extension only. Fixes #1005
f87bf2a Maintain the active state of the redirected tab
752b1c3 Removes shortcut for the tenth container.
cf26d85 Consolidates switch pattern for shortcut keys.
1d78feb fixes keyCodes
f483119 Adds shortcut to open containers.
abd2b73 ignore all .sw files for jpm and git

Dec 5, 2017
update README & package.json to match web-ext flow

@groovecoder groovecoder released this Nov 16, 2017 · 44 commits to master since this release

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df8471a bump version to 4.1.0
18539f2 ignore webextension/web-ext-artifacts
7c1105a Change (un)install changes to only work for >57. Fixes #858 and Fixes #900
3129814 when user reaches container tab count, show achievement panel
4e6eee2 start containerTabsOpened counter
a7be3c9 TextEncoder/TextDecoder from Cu.importGlobalProperties - #949
8166a37 add steps for signing, AMO, and GitHub to README

@groovecoder groovecoder released this Sep 29, 2017 · 53 commits to master since this release

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adadb98 bump version to 4.0.3
c433c6b Clean up disabled Private Mode notice. Fixes #878
1c09c29 Fix assignment of stale containers. Fixes #803 Fixes #827
07711aa Preventing default on enter handler as it seems to call click handlers now. Fixes #856
16ed899 Change delete title to remove. Fixes #700
88e6dc7 Add strict min version and extension id and bump version to 4.0.2. Fixes #692. Fixes #852
77ba1b7 Store only one of the current version opened. Fixes #833
e84e482 Minor README edit
3ec81e3 Add launch notice in README
01a6288 Fix dumping UUID image into the page. Fixes #812

@groovecoder groovecoder released this Sep 13, 2017 · 72 commits to master since this release

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80661d6 fix #809: use "Containers" for name for context menu
ef8aa3b bump version to 4.0.2
75deab1 Fix a moving hidden tabs to a new window. Fixes #797
ae79f0a Ignore non permissible urls when hiding as we can't open them which causes issues. Fixes #793
9b83068 Add show button to use showing queue to prevent dupes. Fixes #791
ad2198e Encode non conforming chars that break moz-extension urls. Fixes #787
1791fdf Ignore more files with .jpmignore

@groovecoder groovecoder released this Sep 5, 2017 · 85 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

da3fc2e bump version to 4.0.0
3aa311a Name change. Fixes #763
df7d7f9 Simplify new tab creation in the popup fixing issues. Fixes #781
10c4395 Reset prefs for new users on uninstall. Fixes #782
27b2a4b Add styles for 55+56 versions of Firefox so everyone gets a consistent underline. Fixes #779
cb6726b Add move and hide to context menu and neaten using checkboxes. Fixes #711
f526cac Add web extension specific advice on building. Fixes #751
b6a98fb Handle removing containers to refresh menus and remove assignments. Fixes: #761, Fixes: #752
af2b4b7 Remove about: paths from showTabs as it prevents the tabs being created. Fixes #773
a762b5e Add a tab observer to show hidden tabs as there are many tab creation routes. Uses a queue to prevent multiple triggers. Fixes #765
0be03eb Remove tab counting code as also not needed, change tab counting to be per window. Prevent reopening of hidden tabs doesn't call itself. Fixes #750, Fixes #753, Fixes #756
c69f37a Removal of tab page counter code. Fixes #759
9e98d35 for #665: update title, desc, version for AMO
70573d0 Extension shouldn't be enabled in pb mode as it's currently not working in many places. Fixes #756
da23923 Fix moving of more than one tab to a new window. Fixes #746

@groovecoder groovecoder released this Aug 15, 2017 · 114 commits to master since this release

Assets 5

57a31f7 Remove legacy telemetry code as non functional now
d685a58 Bootstrapify extension to work for Firefox Nightly 57 SDK removal. Fixes #725
f03404a Removal of legacy CSS for builds after 2015-08-06. Fixes #714
78b5de3 Adding in SVG icon for context-fill colours. Fixes #710
e78f49b Making icons sharper since hand crafting your own svg was cool.
fe77c89 Adding back in legacy code without message passing code.
38c098e Fix on update icons being reset to central defaults. Fixes #703
12a6bb3 Break web extensions code
175cdc1 Break my SDK code
0ec7e4a Use new theme_icons manifest for specifying light and dark icons. Fixes #603

Aug 4, 2017
Merge pull request #605 from jonathanKingston/sdk-mamoth-breakage
Shirk my SDK code