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- Optimize requests
- Add link on sharing page for visibility
- Sign in button styles on FF
- Moving nav elements around sometimes causes circular linked list
- Not sure why this only happens with nav and not with other elements
- Only happens sometimes
* Make sure routes contain delete req.session.sharedId if they are not for shared pages
* For all forms on the page, make sure their field ids are by default in the usedIds hash
/ Fix export
/ Responsiveness for popovers
Backbone Refactor
/ Keyboard shorcuts
/ Changes when layout additions kick in (public/javascripts/views/element.js)
/ Comment out navigation form configuration
/ Templates from text/ejs -> text/template
/ undelegateEvents to remove view? what about contextualEvents and routeEvents?
/ Assess wait: true
/ Change layout object to just row and col
/ Sort projects by ID on client side
/ Add callback to function documentation comments
/ Validate action is an actual screen ID
/ Keyboard shortcuts
/ Sort screens by ID on client side
CanJS migration
/ Better way to merge URL data with screen (note: bad fn name getURLData)
/ Focus component when added
/ Add element to empty component
/ isolatedKeyUp event
/ tabindex for sidebar
/ JS on not found page
/ Get rid of third param in can.extend
/ Optimize screen page requests upon screen deletion
/ Optimize requests
/ Check script tags
/ Make destroy take params option
/ Back button
/ Look over dependencies
/ Listen to change events on model.List?
/ Share login script
/ Sharing
/ Component config submit
/ Restructure files in new folders before commit
/ Make form names unique
/ Stop inputs from focusing on element click
/ ALLOWED_FIELDS should deal with sub-objects
/ Add validators on the client-side that correspond to the server-side
/ Update client-side validators for project and screen
/ Add button to navigate back to project page from screen prototype
/ Authentication component -> switch to element in article
/ Add tabindex -1 to links in sidebar
/ Add form action
/ Link Napkin logo to home page
/ Create element function (prototype.js:~120)
/ Permissions for share page
/ Permissions for editing project + screen
/ Ensure project and screen exist to prototype screen page
/ Add validation for projectId and screenId paramters in route
/ 404 page for invalid projectId/screenId/etc.
/ Fix submit links
/ Delete component while it is active
/ Implement auth for screen sharing page
/ Rename login to log-in and logout to log-out
/ Screens should disappear when active project is deleted
/ Add link on sharing page for return to prototype
/ Add screen flag for must be authenticated