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Placeholder text in FF is the same color as regular input #70

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On the "Enter a new project title..." the placeholder text is the same color as the regular input so it's bad for usability because I think something has already been written and that I can't select it to remove it.

Identity have the same issue and this patch suggests a solution:


Ah, good point. I'll add color contrast.

@karthikv karthikv was assigned

@ednapiranha Ready for review.

@ednapiranha ednapiranha merged commit b888dd4 into mozilla:master
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  1. +10 −0 public/stylesheets/main.styl
10 public/stylesheets/main.styl
@@ -164,6 +164,16 @@ header a
box-shadow(inset 0 3px 4px #303030)
color #eee
+// must keep the following two sets of selectors separate, as browsers will
+// ignore a whole line of selectors if one fails
+#sidebar input[type='text']:-moz-placeholder,
+#sidebar textarea:-moz-placeholder
+ color #888
+#sidebar input[type='text']::-webkit-input-placeholder,
+#sidebar textarea::-webkit-input-placeholder
+ color #888
#sidebar .field-select
border 1px solid #444
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