NICAR 2015 presentation on topics like 2FA and software verification
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NICAR 2015

if all the following packages are peer reviewed, free, and have correlates on win, mac, and linux, then we will talk about them. Asterix == live demo, a primer.

Verifying software

  1. how to hunt for checksums *
  2. how to compare them *
  3. how to get OpenSSL (NB: windows users will also need Cygwin)
  4. cultivate your timeline on twitter for leads; learning whose advice to trust | WIRED Gov/Secu Experts to follow | Tripwire Secu Experts to follow


  1. authenticator apps
  2. services that use 2fa (mail clients, github, web hosts) | List of 2fa websites | List of 2fa providers
  3. FreeOTP - free 2fa app for one-time password users


  1. basics in mac & win *
  2. discussion: how to do pgp? (how to init these types of convos with people, where to put its information, how to dissemenate it) ALSO, important detour: we all know the difference between the public key and the private key, right?
  3. the --homedir directive. duh, use it! (maybe only windows users and linux users can do this; mac users left out? can we hack this out real quick before we start?)
  4. discussions about publicizing one's web-of-trust


  1. pigin*
  2. adium*
  3. chatsecure
  4. your OTR key

File Sharing

  1. syncthing
  2. retroshare *
  3. peerio

Burner shit

  1. minilock *
  2. aes protecting with gpg