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Nightly Tester Tools

Nightly Tester Tools (NTT) is an add-on for aiding testers of Nightly builds of Mozilla apps including Firefox.



  • Copy the build ID or list of extensions to the clipboard using the toolbar button
  • Insert the build ID or list of extensions into a textbox using the context menu
  • Option to customize the Title Bar


There are a couple of known issues due to the limited WebExtensions APIs:

  • The changeset cannot be retrieved
  • The extension list does not include system add-ons
  • The textbox inserting options don't work on some Mozilla sites (including AMO due to a security restriction) as well as with a textbox within an iframe and certain rich text editors
  • Some variables are not available for the custom title template

The following features found in the original XUL-based extension are not yet implemented, and some of them may not be implemented again:

  • Copy about:support to Pastebin
  • Open the profile folder (Use about:support or about:profile page instead to open it)
  • Open the pushlog
  • Screenshot utility (Use Firefox Screenshots instead)
  • Crash options
  • Extension compatibility fixer
  • Menu items under Tools


The current WebExtension version is only compatible with Firefox. Use legacy version 3.10 for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.


You can install the latest stable NTT from

To install for development, clone the repo:

git clone git://

Install the web-ext command line tool:

npm install --global web-ext

To test with Firefox:

web-ext run -s extension

To build for release:

web-ext build -s extension

You can also temporarily install the extension in your Firefox without having to use web-ext.


All bugs and feature requests are filed in the Nightly Tester Tools project at GitHub. You can view the list of open issues, or you can file a new issue. Check out the wiki for a list of current and proposed features and feel free to file bugs and submit patches.

This project uses .editorconfig, which sets defaults for the formatting of the code. So enjoy the use of compatible editor. Just download and install the corresponding plugin.

Also, it's encouraged to use the web-ext lint command to check the code.