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Fill 'Features' section in about:nightly automatically. #105

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With other words: let it be in sync with the Nighly Tester Tools menuitem!

It would be nice if NTT would be able to check itself for features, and advertise only such features what are available to the user.

Currently NTT 3.3 displays the following:

  • titlebar customization
  • copy build id to clipboard
  • copy extensions list to clipboard
  • screenshot utility
  • open profile folder

For example with SeaMonkey it doesn't have titlebar customization capabilities.
But with a nightly channel-driven Application it has pushlog related features.

@xabolcs xabolcs referenced this issue from a commit in xabolcs/nightlytt
@xabolcs xabolcs Issue #125 - Improve empty variable strings handling
Leave "${Something}" untouched if nightly.variables doesn't have such property,
and let it be "Undefined" if it's a known variable, but currently unavailable.
For example in the "${Changeset}" case, when application.ini doesn't always
contain a "SourceStamp" key.
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