Enhance build script to make it easier to create release builds #30

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xabolcs commented Mar 11, 2012

Beta releases are good for AMO's beta channel.

From #23:

There is a short section in AMO's Maintenance Policy about this process.

I asked that because if you plan beta releases, then the current pre postfix will enough to trigger the beta channel.
But imho an additional information is needed to know: where are the package build from.
It could be a tag (which could be created when doing the AMO release - like I do in my mr2-onair) or could be a commit hash (which could be provided in the building process - like firefox-fuzzyime would do) too.

(On demand) Nightly releases are cool too. :)
Of course it's more complex due to the update.rdf and the xpi file hosting.

whimboo commented Mar 13, 2012

#23 is now fixed. So I wonder if we could even do some more improvements here for a beta release. @davehunt, would you mind checking?

As a side-note I have found a great build.xml example today which is in use by the Firebug team:

It does allow to specify: $ant release

So I would kindly like to see the same for us. So we can get rid of the -D option. Not sure which other stuff will be useful.


I'm not sure what's needed here. We will already include the 'pre' if it's in the version number, is that not enough?

whimboo commented Mar 14, 2012

So we just have to make it a bit easier to create release builds. A pull request is upcoming.

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