Reformat aboutNightly in a way that makes nightly users better equipped to test #67

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whimboo commented Apr 4, 2012

Originally filed as:

mockup of the page

The about:nightly page is good promotional material for us, but it's not really usable for most folks. I'd like to suggest some changes in it:

  • Show the build id on the top right
  • Show a list of informative links that'll be helpful for testing on the right side (in a list)
  • Show the atom feed of changes from the last nightly the user was on with the a shortened (i.e. changeset link) and <title> (i.e. bug id and summary)
xabolcs commented Aug 26, 2012

... that makes nightly users better equipped to test

Linking___*___ to / featuring Mozilla QA Companion Addon would be nice, wouldn't be?

_*_: I mean opening up QAC's window if installed

whimboo commented Sep 19, 2012

QAC is unmaintained at the moment. Given the low usage we even don't it's worth the time right now to let it support Moztrap. So I don't think linking should be done.

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