Implement Suggestion Mechanism on Filing Bugs for Desktop Firefox #69

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Implement a suggestion mechanism to assist the user in filing a bug in bugzilla. A user flow possibly for this could be:

1) User selects "File a Bug"
2) Give the user the option to either specify the product or component explicitly or enter this suggestion mechanism flow for help
3) Prompt the user for a short selection for questions to suggest a location to file the bug
4) Include suggestions when the user files the bug (what to include)

The underlying problem this is intending to solve is to try to reduce the amount of bugs ending up in the untriaged bucket of Firefox and instead, end up in components other than General and Untriaged. This is suggested as bugs ending up General and Untriaged have a risk of not being looked at by desktop firefox developers, where as bugs in other explicit components will get looked at.


I think there are better place for this issue. See Bugzilla Tweaks on Bitbucket!

Mentioning @ehsan, author of Bugzilla Tweaks.

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