'Save as...' in Screengrabber is broken due to Bug 795065 (Target Milestone: mozilla18) #99

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Regression Bug:
Bug 795065 - Add privacy status to nsDownload


  • get Gecko 18 (or newer) based Application
  • open ScreenShot Grabber window: Nightly Tester Tools / Take Screenshot
  • push the Save As... button
  • check Error Consle for errors like in Bug 799529 comment 5:

    Error: NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS: Not enough arguments [nsITransfer.init]
    Source file: chrome://nightly/content/screenshot/screenshot.js
    Line: 184

Where Line: 184 is really L151.

Note to Release Engineers: fix for this should landed with the fix for #49.

Can we please land this separate and not include it into issue #49? I kinda would like to see this fixed in the upcoming version. And I'm not sure we can include #49 in it.


I tried to say that, exactly: this and #49 should have the same target release / milestone, e.g. 3.5.
I wouldn't like to merge these issues into one!
Sorry if my comment was ambiguous.


But why should this land with #49? Both are fully independent. And given that this one is a regression caused by a change in Firefox I would say get it in for even 3.4. Or is it too hard to fix?


#49 is about broken submission of a screenshot - where uploading applicable (e.g Tb doesn't have uploading capabilities).
This issue (#99) is about saving screenshot - which is the half of the Screenshot feature under Fx and SM, but the whole under Tb!
And the regression starts at Gecko version 18 - currently on Aurora.

So without these fixes the Screenshot feature won't be complete.
By the way they are both API change.

It's OK for me to provide a try { newAPI } catch { oldAPI }-like hotfix for this, and file a follow-up issue to for a NetUtil.jsm based fix (a mozmill like saveDataURL + file picker would be nice).


Edited description

  • deleted binding to Issue #49
  • referencing JoeG's comment on mozillaZine.
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@xabolcs xabolcs was assigned Oct 26, 2012

Fixed by 0bfa5f4.

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