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Bug 572325 - should have a link for the Windows i…

…nstaller build and not the zip build. r=dolske
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1 parent 1197db4 commit 132f7c81857f8847145b7eb43685a288b372f8d1 Kevin Brosnan committed Jun 22, 2010
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@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ def __init__(self, suffix, extension, name, css_class):
files_wanted = [
# (suffix, extension, name, css_class)
- BuildDisplay(".win32", "zip", "Windows", "windows zip"),
+ BuildDisplay(".win32.installer", "exe", "Windows", "windows exe"),
BuildDisplay(".mac", "dmg", "Mac", "mac dmg"),
BuildDisplay(".linux-i686", "tar.bz2", "Linux Intel", "linux bz2"),
BuildDisplay(".linux-x86_64", "tar.bz2", "Linux 64-bit Intel", "linux bz2 x64")

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