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Updated test section of the readme.

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@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ Here is an example configuration. This assumes you are running redis
and mongo locally.
+export NODE_ENV="development"
export OPENBADGER_HOST="localhost"
@@ -28,10 +29,11 @@ export OPENBADGER_ADMINS='["*@mozilla(foundation)?.org"]'
You can either paste that directly into your terminal, or you can put
-that in a file and `source` it. For example, if you save a version of this at ``, do:
+that in a file and `source` it. For example, if you save a version of
+this at `config.env`, do:
-$ source
+$ source config.env
# Installing deps & starting the server
@@ -42,12 +44,21 @@ $ make # will do `npm install` and then start server
# Running the test suite
+The test suite looks at all of the same environment variables, however
+it makes sure that `NODE_ENV` is either "development" or "travis" (for
+TravisCI). You can use the following commands to run the entire suite:
$ make test # normally you'd use this
$ make verbose-test # if you want to see debugging
$ make lint # to lint the codebase
+You can also run the tests one-off by doing
+`node tests/<name-of-file>.js`. This is useful for when one file is
+giving you trouble and you don't want to run through the whole suite
+to debug just that one thing.
# CloudFoundry configuration

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